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Hey everyone,

So just jumping in here. A little about myself. I have been on forum roleplays of various styles for 15+ years now. I have been on Mizahar, Standing Trials, Ransera, and dabbled in so many others. And with each forum, I gained more experience and insight to the processes and workings of forum style roleplaying. I have been the player, I have been the moderator and developer, and I have been part of the administration. I have seen sites on their highest of highs and the lowest of the lows. I've made mistakes, I've fought for both the right and the wrong sides, and through all of this I have grown. So now I'm trying my hand at my own thing. And the first thing I'm looking to do is to create a core foundation here at Owasiwa to allow for a better site culture. Everyone who has spent any amount of time on a forum rp has seen their fair share of drama and troubles, and I'm sure Owasiwa will be no exception. You put a bunch of passionate people in a room, you're gonna get butting heads. So this is just as much of an experiment as every other site, and it would not be possible without those who came first. But now it's time to try something new.

So an April 22nd, 2021, I placed an order on Fiverr with Furycreations to construct the site. We chose to go with Wordpress over phpBB because Wordpress is less code intensive, has a lot more modern amenities and support, and also is faster to get set up and rolling. On April 29, 2021, the site was handed over and considered live. 

Fiverr order: $459.66
Domain and Hosting (for 4 years): $178.08
Legalese for Terms and Conditions and Compliance stuff: $41.00

So as of April 29, 2021, the site is beginning with creating the new culture and the (hopefully) easier/more streamlined mechanics that allow for a lot more flexibility for the players.

So, here we go.


Posted : 03/05/2021 1:02 am