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Kariet's brow was heavily beaded with sweat, as the sun, emboldened in this hottest part of the year, beat down on him and all of Oasis. The broad brow furrowed further, creating a valley for the sweat to flow down his broken twice over nose. He felt the winds around him shifting, and he could feel her coming up behind him. She floated up next to his vantage point, a hundred feet above the Loria Road, at the edge of the fringe. Djria was smirking as she assumed her spot next to Kariet's left shoulder, "Have you seen them yet?"Kariet only grunted his answer. "Why are they going overland anyways? Tormynd has a portal there, doesn't he?"

Kariet wiped the sweat from his brow, his head turning to look his junior commander in her eyes. He could see the grains there, "Because Senator Freykes wanted them to test the new sand sails." Kariet watched Djria roll her eyes, "I do love being used to stroke a Senator's ego." Kariet could only snort in jest at this. Wind Commander Kariet tapped the crystal on the Commander's band on his wrist, his blue eyes scanning the sands that stretched seemingly endless from beyond the fringes. "Report in."

"Hellia here, on my way back after check point was cleared."

"U'duleh here, no sign of the package."

"Nelson here, no sign of the package."

Kariet waited. And waited, feeling his heart beginning to beat faster. "Sarek?"

The crystal was silent. "U'duleh, maintain position. All units, converge on the path between checkpoints Aurora and Brackish."

With a nod, Kariet and Djria leaned forward, sweeping out over the sands, as several other members of the Wind Corps took off and fell in formation behind them. 


Sarek groaned, her bones might be made of the metals of the mountains, but that didn't stop them from hurting after being thrown from the skiff. She hadn't yet figured out her bearings, now standing up to her full eight foot height. Looking around, she only saw the orange of the sands and the blue of the sky. And, of course, the giant, burning ball of yellow directly overhead. Her fingers instantly went to her wrist, only to find her Scout's band was gone. Sighing, she was thanking her lucky stones that she was born a Stone Bone and not something frail like a human or Suntouched. The sun and lack of water couldn't kill her, so she only had to worry about the creatures of the desert.

And the nomads.

She whistled out, calling the winds to her. She felt them swirl around her, whipping about her hair, and she asked them where she was. The winds, as was typical, replied only in laughter and play. Some days she felt cursed having decided to choose this magic, this annoyingly frustrating magic. Should've picked something better. She was one of the only people from Tormynd's Keep to have gone into the military and sought out magic. It upset her parents, and well, everyone else back home. But she was tired of living under the same tired rock.

Her first job after training had been this. They were simply testing a new skiff, while carrying several civilians from Tormynd's Keep to Oasis. They were supposed to pick up an Envoy on the way, to provide guidance and safe passage through the Nomadic Wilds. But the Envoy never showed up at the meeting point at the border. And the skiff captain was impatient and decided to risk it. Typical Oasian, always eager to prove themselves without doing the work. The pilot hit a dune hard, sent her flying off the skiff, and then they kept going, not coming back for her.


And so, she began walking, praying to her mountain that she had picked the right direction.

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1. Joining the Wind Corps under Kariet's command.
2. Joining the civilians and citizens of Tormynd's Keep that are still on the skiff.
3. Coming across Sarek in the desert.

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