A Castle Under The Sand.

Wald Lowca

A small caravan walked across the dunes, not knowing just which direction would be best to go towards searching for signs of human life. Seeing how the last huminods he saw were insect like he did hold some reservations about this action but... It was the best he had. There is not much stretching across the massive stretch of empty land, the sun never wanted to move so it was hard to tell how much time had pasted. He was not feeling any hunger as of yet so it was not a full day, though he would of been thirsting if he didn't know how to at least get some sort of liquid out in the desert. Watching around him the human seemed to be studying what he should do next, his familiar wolven companion was not standing beside him, as the group went towards the what could only be described as "The Scent of Water." It was far in the distances, the power of their noses seem to keep even after their little otherworldly trip.

Corse sand pushed as hooves, paws, and boots pushed through it, life seem to be strange here. Though it was no less vibrant then his old home, one just needed to look around to see it. The trees were replaced with the scattered cacti or brush, the sparse mammal population from his frozen home replaced as well. Reptiles and Insects dominated this ecosystem, able to adapt to heat and the niches that come with it. He watched as countless grains of sand gave way to scarabs moving along the dunes and digging into the soft earth. While lizards followed them close catching those to slow to hide in the sediment. Golden brown eyes did notice a few strange things, such as what looked to be horns or antlers sticking out of the sand yet moving. He knew it was some kind of creature but did not go after it as of yet since he was on the hunt for real shelter. If it was just the elements he could use his tent but... That swarm may just decide to come back so it would be best to fine a place he could defend.

Each step was just like they were walking through snow just heated, the padding on Ari's paws did defend against the heat which helped with his comfort. The man paused for a moment as he took his time to sniff the air before his eyes looked over the dunes as they reached the top of one. He could make out a road nearby, his eyes blinked for a moment as to make sure it was not an illusion. He heard of people going mad out in the heat, though he did not feel it like a normal man would. His body was chill to the touch as compared to the heat around him. Though the sniff in the air did make him look to the land near the road.

There was a darkened spot it was faint, as if the earth itself was opened up. He looked up into the air for a moment as he gave a nod. "Yes Master. I see the crack in the earth. Shall I head there?" The voice rang through the man's mind, it was that of Ylfa his wolven companion who had been up above surveying the land around them.

Wald slowly shook his head as he rolled his shoulders slowly. "No, I will go. Come down and lead them to the place behind me. Keep a safe way between us. I'll see if it is clear." The Man said this as he began to move his fingers slowly along his bow, debating on leaving it with the animals or not. Caves were not good for ranged combat and he could not afford to lose the bow at this point. Seeing how he had no clue just how far or how hostile human settlements could be. Though as he debated the sand began to shift ahead of him, first an impression of four large paws showed. Before long a large wolf began to materialize from the paws up. Motioning to the wolf for the other animals as he moved towards the darkened spot in the desert.

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