The Skill System Overview and Braindump

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Okay so first, this thread will be a little messy as its just meant for discussion of the Skill System as it is built. I'll make a separate thread to house the official writeup as it is being built. So I'm gonna dump in here my notes and stuff on skills, and get the ball rolling.

So lets begin.


1. No fuckin Lores/Knowledges. It’s literally just a secondary exp bar and eventually devolves into nitpicking over minutiae. 

2. Base 100 System.

3. The Skill Tree - but you total up the skills from within the tree to unlock boons toward other skills within the same tree. (Unlock a personalized boon, think baby capstones, every 100 points in a single tree). You can have as many trees as you want, however, a single skill can only be within exactly 1 skill tree. 

4. 5 Skill Points per 1500 words you write, regardless of whether its a solo, collab, mod. No cap.

5. Magic/Boons must be used to further them. However, this will not be policed so heavily (I hate the heavy handed nitpicking and it simply won't work with how customized and personalized magic and boons will be). Rather, it will simply need to be performing the magic in some way that is appropriate to the abilities and such you've selected in the magic process.

6. Broad skill customization - There will be no exhaustive list of all skills, but there will be a list as players come up with skills they want. If you wish to add additional skills not listed, you may, so long as it isn't effectively the exact same thing as another skill. However, skills will be more specific. For instance, there won’t be a single dancing skill, instead it will be a Ballet Skill, Tapdancing, Firedancing, etc etc. Skills will be fairly easy to level up here (intentionally so), but in doing so, we’re going with hyper specialization and customization.

7. Upon reaching 100 points in a skill, you may add more points into it if so desired to achieve Limit Breaks (name pending). These get progressively more difficult to achieve, additively at a rate of 100 + (Z x 25) = Threshold. Z = The number value of the next LB. This extends forever. Points added after the initial 100 do not continue to add to the Family point count.


1st - 125

2nd - 175

3rd - 250

4th - 350

5th - 475

8. Limit Breaks can break the laws of known physics, may be mystical or magical seeming in nature. Supernatural power achieved through true mastery of a skill.

Posted : 30/04/2021 8:05 pm
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The Specificity of Skills and Skill Groups (WIP and ongoing)

Due to the low skill cap (100 being max), the semi ease of gaining skills (X amount per Y word count, no cap in a thread), and not having skill knowledges, I believe one of the balancing factors for skill acquisition will in making skills much more specific. However, while they will be specific, that's not to say that they can't influence/and improve similar aspects.





The List of Skill Groupings and Individual Skills(Not exhaustive)

Weapons and Combat
*Note: A weapon's skill includes all aspects of it, be it dual wield, throwing, defending, using the weapon as a tool, and basic care/maintenance of the weapon
One Handed Blades - Includes all small swords, daggers, etc
Two Handed Blades - Includes all greatswords
One Handed Axes - Includes all small axes
Two Handed Axes - Includes all large axes
One Handed Bludgeons - Includes all small maces, clubs, rods, etc
Two Handed Bludgeons - Includes all large maces, clubs, rods, etc
One Handed Shields - Includes all smaller shields, bucklers, heater shields, etc
Two Handed Shields - Includes all larger shields
Unarmed Combat - Includes all of the unarmed combat styles
One Handed Firing Weapons - Includes small crossbows
Two Handed Firing Weapons - Includes large crossbows
Bow - Includes Longbow, shortbow, etc

Physical Aspects
*Note: These skills include all aspects of their use, including speed, endurance, and technical skill.
Flight - Includes Winged Flight, Non-winged flight, glider piloting, etc
Running - Includes 2 legged running, 4 Legged running, etc.
Swimming - Includes Tail Swimming, No Tail Swimming, etc.
Acrobatics - Includes Gymnastics, Parkour, Combat Acrobatics, etc
Climbing - Includes Rock Climbing, Tree Climbing, Urban Climbing, etc
Dancing - Includes all styles of dancing.
Stealth - Includes Combat Stealth, Social Stealth, Survival Stealth, etc
Mount - Includes all types of mounts

*Note: Regardless of criminality, these skills include all aspects of their use.
Hand Craft (100% need a better name) - Includes Pickpocketing, Slight of Hand, etc
Lock Breaking - Includes lockpicking, safe cracking, etc
Disguise - Includes Cosmetology, Costumery, Hair Styling, etc
Intelligence - Broken down by locality (ie Intelligence (Bob's Village))
Cryptography - Encryption, Decryption, Crypto-Linguistics, Crypto-Mathematics, etc

Linguistics - Includes each language individually
Teaching - includes each Skill Grouping individually
Logistics - includes Military Logistics, Domestic Logistics, Business Logistics, etc
Tactics - includes Combat Tactics, Games Tactics, etc



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0 - Unlearned, has no idea what the language is. Probably can't even recognize it enough to name it.
1-24 - Novice, can make out simple words, but certainly cannot communicate.
25-49 - Competent, can begin using simple phrases and can typically get by with basics
50-74 - Apprentice, semi fluent/conversational. Can converse, but struggles with nuance or dialects. 
75-99 - Expert, very fluent, has a strong grip on nuance and dialects, but is usually still recognized as a non-native speaker.
100 - Master, full fluency of all aspects of the language, including dialects. Native speakers cannot differentiate them. 

PCs get 200 Points to be used toward languages; Linguistics (Common) for example. The player may divvy these points up anyway they wish to get any spread of languages they desire. 

Posted : 15/05/2021 9:05 pm
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Skill Guide
The Skill system, focuses on the specificity of skills to allow for more varied and specialized Player Characters. This, coupled with the custom Skill Tree, that a Player Character may build, will let them improve the field their character so desires in a more organic and natural way.

The Skill Tree
Each Player Character begins with a single skill tree. This skill tree is entirely customizable for the player, and typically represents an overarching field that the character has chosen in their life to encapsulate a wide variety of skills. Each Skill Tree may consist of up to 20 unique skills that the player can choose, and even adjust, at their leisure. Player Characters may have skills outside of their skill tree, and these skills simply do not contribute toward nor receive progression bonuses from the skill tree. The Player Character will tally up the combined total skill points within their skill tree, and will receive regular progression bonuses at point breaks (every 200 points).

Note: If a player maxes out a skill tree (2000/2000 points), they may choose to lock in that skill tree (meaning the skills chosen may no longer be adjusted) and begin a 2nd skill tree. The 2nd skill tree still must have entirely unique skills and cannot overlap.

Below is an example of what a skill tree may look like for a newly created player.

Bob's Lumberjack Skill Tree (250/2000) Tier 1 Perk
1. Weapon (Woodcutting Axe) - 100/100 - Master
2. Survival (Desert) - 10/100 - Novice
3. Survival (Coastal Swamp) - 10/100 - Novice
4. Leadership (Business) - 10/100 - Novice
5. Knotwork - 10/100 - Novice
6. Carving (Wood) - 10/100 - Novice
7. Magic (Sand) - 10/100 - Novice
8. Climbing (Trees) - 10/100 - Novice
9. Logistics (Business) - 10/100 - Novice
10. Bartering - 10/100 - Novice
11. Navigation (Desert) - 10/100 - Novice
12. Hunting (Desert) - 10/100 - Novice
13. Cooking (Desert) - 10/100 - Novice
14. Carpentry (Construction) - 30/100 - Competent
15. (Empty)
16. (Empty)
17. (Empty)
18. (Empty)
19. (Empty)
20. (Empty)

Tier 1 Perk - As Bob's Survival (Desert) skill advances, so will his Navigation (Desert) advance equally.

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