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In the beginning, before any creatures rose, before any plants grow, before even the first rock existed, there was the vast expanse of the universe. No matter existed in this time, it was simply an endless space filled with abundant, varying, and ever-shifting energies. These energies ebbed and flowed, crashed and clashed, and the universe was kept in a tentative balance. Then, one day, a massive convergence of these energies formed, building a storm unlike any that would ever be seen again. It raged and roared and disrupted the universe, sending reverberations even across dimensions. And if time had yet existed in this universe, the storm may have lasted for countless millennia. And among this chaotic tempest, something new was born, the first of its kind in the universe. 

A Thought was formed. 

It was incoherent, infantile, but far reaching. This Thought touched all corners of this universe, and soon, the primordial, unfocused energies began to take shape and form. Time and matter began to form, physics began to take shape and the universe went through a rapid and violent growth. Planets, stars, blackholes, rings of stone and mighty balls of light were created.  Still, the thought wasn't done.

And so, the Thought twisted the energies of the universe. Magical Energy, Aethera; Spiritual Energy, Vira; and others were formed, empowering physics and starting a chain reaction across the universe. And on one small planet, in one tiny solar system, in a backwards branch of an insignificant galaxy, the first soul formed, a convergence of Aethera, Vira, and the Thought. This soul was small, miniscule, yet the light it put out was brighter than any sun and star that existed in the universe. And the soul did something that had not yet happened in the universe, it created more energy.

And with that, a cascade of souls and life were borne across millennia. Life spread rapidly across this planet while new souls began to form across the universe as well. Each new soul produced more spiritual and magical energy throughout the millennia, most of it being spread ambiently across the universe. Eventually the concentration of these energies grew so dense, the universe split into realms as a means to balance out the growing energies. The Spirit Realm, Magic Realm, and Soul Realm formed first. The Spirit Realm served to hold the majority of the Spiritual Energy of the universe within it, along with the beings that largely or exclusively lived off of that energy. The Magic Realm served the same purpose, but for Magical Energy. The Soul Realm, however, was something else entirely. Every time a being died, their soul would exit the other realms and exist within the collective consciousness of the Soul Realm, with all of the other untethered souls. In this realm, Souls know everything about any and all past lives of theirs, and they know everything that all other souls currently within the realm know. And while here, the souls can make a choice. Stay here as part of this collective consciousness, frozen, unchanging, ungrowing, unlearning, but part of something greater. Or they could reenter the life cycle.

All souls get that choice, regardless of the lives they live. 

Shortly after those three realms formed, in addition to the Living Realm, two more formed. Just as the Living Realm formed as the mixture of Magic and Spiritual, other realms formed where the initials mingled. The Dream Realm formed as a mixture of the Spirit and Soul Realms. Nothing physical exists naturally in this, but it did allow for those to visit to Dream, which serves many purposes, from viewing past lives, getting glimpses into the Soul Realm, and possibly viewing other universes. Additionally, the Elemental Realm was formed. Where the Magic Realm is largely magic energy in a chaotic flux, the Elemental Realm is overlaid on the Living Realm. It appears to be the Living Realm, lacking all life, and all material in it replaced by sentient versions of the Element in play. It is unique, as everything in it, while not alive, is sentient, from the air, to the soil, to the very gravity holding one down.

But the Living Realm is where everything is truly converged. As a crux of the Magical and Spiritual Realms, it was fully tethered with the formation of the Soul Realm. While the other realms are where energy is largely stored, it is the Living Realm where that energy is generated. And thus, the Living Realm is constantly in a state of flux and rebalancing. If too much magical energy is released, the universe corrects the imbalance. This is not done by conscious thought, but rather, is simply physics. 

And the first, major correction of the universe was creating the first of the Sentient Beings. These were souls, given life from the Spirit Realm, form from the Magic Realm, and implanted sentience from the Thought. These sentient beings, the first races on the planet, were able to generate far more energy, of all the varying types, than any being prior to them. And they grew with the planet. Over time, the universe required two more corrections. The first was the creation of the Behemoths, as a means to control the spiritual energies that were, at that time in history, overtaking the other energies in the realm. The second was the creation of the Corruption. This came into existence when Magical Energy and Spiritual Energies were far too heavily prevalent. Corruptions served to reduce those while increasing the Thought in the universe.

And from there, that first Corruption, leads us to our story in Oasis, a large desert that makes up only a small portion of the planet where life began in this universe. 


Posted : 19/05/2022 2:15 am